Community ARTS Education for Teens


ARTS CORPS is a free arts education program for children and teens ages 10-18.  Every Thursday from 3pm-5:30pm until May 31, the ARTS at Marks Garage will host workshops in visual and performing arts taught by partners who are local artists currently working in the field.  Students will create and experience different styles of art from different teachers, socialize with other students, and to learn about communication and self expression.  This opportunity is completely free for students, and includes snacks.  To register for classes, or for more information email


Week 1: Thur April 5 – Art Mosaic w/ Dr. Coffee
Week 2: Thur April 12 – Community Based Storytelling Through Playwriting w/ Playbuilders
Week 3: Thur April 19 – Community Based Storytelling Through Playwriting w/ Playbuilders
Week 4: Thur April 26 - Intro to Stage Combat w/ Hawaii Shakespeare Festival
Week 5: Thur May 3 - Zine Publishing w/ Friends of the Library
Week 6: Thur May 10 - Zine Publishing w/ Friends of the Library
Week 7: Thur May 17 - Zine Publishing w/ Friends of the Library
Week 8: Thur May 24 - Zine Publishing w/ Friends of the Library
Week 9: Thur May 31 - Film Screening and Discussion w/ Hawaii Women in Filmmaking


About Mosaic w/ Dr. Coffee:
Participants will engage in self reflection and discussion, while working with mosaic: creating something whole from disparate pieces.  Students can work collaboratively, or individually to create beautifully lasting art.

Dr. Coffee is a Board Member at the ARTS of Marks Garage, and is a clinical and educational psychologist who uses this form of artwork in her therapy sessions with children and families.  


About Community Based Storytelling Through Playwriting w/ Playbuilders:
Participants will work with award winning playwright Terri Madden to learn about a unique playwriting process that is deeply grounded in community. Terri will introduce students to the concept of the community story circle* and how it may be used as a collaborative means to shape shared stories into a play derived from a community-centric point of view. Students will participate in several rounds of story circle and will begin the process of writing a short one act play based on what they heard and shared. 

*The story circle is at the core of PlayBuilders of Hawaiʻi Theater Companyʻs collaborative and transformative play development process. Through the story circle, the playwright works with community to achieve the creation of a play that each person has a stake in, and feels proud of.  Through the story circle process, participants may expect to build listening, storytelling, and playwriting skills. They may also find themselves thinking about things such as empathy for others, self-reflection. community building, pubic speaking, time management, and civic responsibility  in a new way.

Terri is a member of the Dramatist Guild and holds a BA in political science and MFA in theater from the University of Hawaiʻi. She has been managing director and founder of PlayBuilders of Hawai'i Theater Company for 7 years.  Her most recent project was collaborating with Oahuʻs foster care community in the development of a musical which was titled, Dragonfly, The Story of a Young Local Girls Journey Through Foster Care. Songs by Layla Kilolu, Apu Turano, and Ruth Shiroma Foster. Book by Terri Madden. PlayBuilders mission is "to gather and share real stories that resonates with, empowers, and connects individuals within the many rich and diverse communities in Hawai'i." 


About Stage Combat w/ Hawaii Shakespeare Festival:
Participants will explore the intention and roles of Shakespeare characters through acting and stage combat.  Students will do some basic exercises, learn a bit of stage combat choreography, and discuss the charcter’s intention and behavior.

Tony Pisculli is the artistic director of the Hawaii Shakespeare Festival, which produces 3 full length plays during the summer season.  Each season strives for contemporary relevance and accessibility in its productions.


About Zine Publishing w/ Friends of the Library:
The power of being self-published!  The power of the zine!
Local children’s illustrator and art teacher Elizabeth Oh will conduct Zine workshops where participants will learn how to assemble a zine and self-publish.

Each session new zines themes will be explored, developed and published!
Participants are required to bring their imaginations.
Ms Oh illustrated “Mouse & Mongoose Find a Rainbow in Hawaii,” by BeachHouse Publishing, and currently teaches art at Kawananakoa Middle School.


About Film Screening and Discussion w/ Hawaii Women in Filmmaking:
The Girls Lead Initiative sparks girls-led community transformations using the films they created during Hawaiʻi Women in Filmmaking educational programs. In these films, the girls tell their stories and what matters most to them, as well as their everyday struggles. Through these girls-led curated film screenings, the initiative creates spaces for conversations leading to the development of audience-based participatory plans of action on the issue(s) discussed.