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A touring, story-telling mural and visual manifestation of ʻike Hawaiʻi.
September 1 – 26, 2015
Featured Artists: Al Lagunero, Meleanna Meyer, Harinani Orme, Kahi Ching, Carl Pao & Solomon Enos.

The ʻĀINA ALOHA mural installation invites forgiveness, further conversation and greater understanding on historical trauma. Hawaiians and others so affected may be able to actively respond to the mural in ways that would offer an opportunity of healing. What would wellness look like if it was dreamt, imagined, and painted, not just from one point of view, but also from a multiplicity of perspectives with the end goals of truth telling, the act of forgiveness and healing in mind? Works on display at Marks include a 24’ two-sided canvas mural installation plus prints, drawings & paintings, and video installation.

Together as one, as we share the same belief of a land that gives - how can we collectively work at shifting our energy and our vision to work towards the act of forgiveness? Towards the healing of spirit, reconnecting to traditions and rebuilding relationships amongst peoples? Or of honoring of lands and culture, of place, language and spirit? We ask to challenge our perceptions, and by questioning these themes we can also consider a multitude of oral histories, traditional practices, genealogies and memories, before the silencing—theft, shaming and loss and say...what if?

Opening Reception: First Friday September 4, 6 to 9pm with an opening ceremony, artists talk, DJ Native Girl and the Bar@Marks with Kona Brews.

Writing Contest: Juried by Puanani Burgess and Lois Ann Yamanaka. Aina Aloha Story Challenge in Writing – 1000 words max written as an essay, poetry, non-fiction, fiction, or memoir. Top 4 winners will receive prizes and will be announced at closing reception. Interested in learning art and writing about it? Visit the exhibit and get a chance to understand the mural and talk to the artists themselves. Seize the opportunity to absorb the visual imagery in a creative writing competition juried by Puanani Burgess and Lois Ann Yamanaka. Some themes to consider writing about include but are not limited to: remembering or talking about past trauma, forgiving, healing, and moving forward. Free and open to the public.

The Art of the Story Workshop: Wednesday, September 9, 3 to 6pm. Join teachers Meleanna Aluli Meyer and Harinani Orme in a 3-hour professional development workshop for educators, teacher trainers, storytellers, after school specialists, kupuna, and community leaders. Learn how to integrate visual art and writing to enhance student creative writing ability, connect art forms to other subject areas, and deepen your knowledge of Hawaiian history through visual art. Free and open to the public. RVSP only. Please email or call Charmaine at (808) 956-7539.

Later Event: September 4
Opening Reception for ʻAina Aloha