Collage Massage

Collage Massage
50 Curious Black & White Images
by Jeff Gere

_ Defying Gravity.png

ARTIST’S STATEMENT  I’m known in town for performing and producing storytelling. I also tell tales with shadow puppets. The root of both: I love to play with images. For decades, a few times a year, I occupy a bedroom, lay out magazine images, and compose ‘freestyle’, letting random pictures coalesce in curious ways. I spent 4 months in that bedroom JUST playing with black & white images! It’s been tremendously productive having time to let images unfold. Fascinating! Troubling! It is my aerobics for the imagination, a dialogue with the Deep Ocean of Mind. They’re snapshots from Wonderland, Vogue Surrealism, psychic landscapes, pattern poem puzzles… what does it mean?

So take a deep breathe, and come to Chinatown to see. I cannot wait to hear what people say!  And soon, soon, I’m gonna open the ‘Rainbow, Golden & Pele’ files!

BRIEF BIOGRAPHY OF JEFF GERE   As the Drama Specialist for the City’s Parks Department, Gere created, hosted, & performed in the annual Talk Story Festival for 26 years (he tells in the next one Oct. 15, McCoy Pavilion.) He’s performed constantly state-wide for decades in every conceivable venue. He produced Talk Story TV (still on Olelo) and Talk Story Radio (two years on Hawaii Public Radio.) Since retiring to end 2015, he’s been in that collage bedroom or on tour (Thailand, Taiwan, India (twice), Romania, and Australia. He just returned from a month in China.) He presents his original preschool musical, ‘The Boy Who Fell In Love With A Star’ (with Adela Chu) in the Bishop Museum’s Planetarium for a month of weekends starting October 15).  Jeff’s a busy boy! More at