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11th Annual Improvaganza - Improv as Heightened Acting Workshop with Jonathan Pitts

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP: The major skill all schools of improvisation have in common is the need for listening. True listening is a whole body activity requiring constant engagement in the improviser's body, brain, heart, and spirit of play. This process results in improv as heightened acting, where every choice matters and means something creatively, emotionally, and psychologically. This workshop utilizes a unique two-person scenic exercise called “The Marty” (named after the late Martin DeMaat) to help players hear their scene partner and themselves. This process opens a wider amount of responses and interactions both in the scene and the scene partners. The expressive choices discovered and made run deep and true like all great acting. Del Close once said, “Actors are the athletes of the heart”. This workshop will help you find and grow your actor's athletic heart. 

INSTRUCTOR'S BIO:Jonathan Pitts has been doing improv and theatre since he was 20. He's the executive director of Chicago Improv Productions. He's the co-founder & producer of the Chicago Improv Festival (now going into its 20th year), and he's also the founder & producer of the College Improv Tournament (now going into its 10th year). He taught at The Second City Training Center for 16 years. He's also taught at improv theatres and festivals across North America and also in England and Norway. He's created several improv forms & shows (The Collage; The Make Em Ups; The Silent Movie) and unscripted theatre productions (The Oracle; Storybox) that have performed in Chicago and around the world. He's played in over 1,250 fully improvised shows. He's a contributing writer to The Second City's book on improvisation (The Second City Almanac), and been interviewed for several books and a few films on improvisation. He was chosen 3 times by New City as one of Chicago's Top 50 Theatre Players, and selected as a Comedy Maven by The Chicago Reader. This is his 5th trip to Honolulu for improvisation and his second time at Improvaganza. 

Improvaganza Hawaii Festival of improv presents a day of learning improvisation and actingwith the country’s best improv teachers. This year we feature Kaci Beeler from Austin Texas with her improv workshop “Kiss or Kill”, Roy Janik from Austin Texas with his improv workshop “Positivity, Playfulness, and The Second Show”, and recipient of the Legacy Award Jonathan Pitts from Chicago Illinois with his improv workshop “Improv as heightened Acting.” $60 for one workshop, 110 for two workshops, and 170 for all three and lunch. Or you can buy one the Improvisers Kits online and get VIP passes for instant access to all the shows.