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Yoga and Healing

This month is filled with a series of strong celestial events. There is sturgeon full moon with a lunar eclipse, mercury in retrograde, lion's gate portal opening and a total eclipse. With all of these celestial events happening we need to repair and strenghten our body, minds and spirits.

Your healing experience will begin with a (1 hr) astrological divination session which will aid you in receiving the proper guidance to help ensure your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

We will then move into a yoga session (1 hr) which will focus on restoration and rejuvenation. The emphasis will be on opening the heart center, hips, shoulders and lengthening the spine.

The yoga session will be followed by a sound healing experience (1 hr), as you relax in savasana (lying down on your back, through the offering of a gong meditation emphasizing on relaxing the body and mind which will allow you to attune to the higher self. In addition during your savasana (lying on your back), an "aura cleansing net" will be set up around your body with the use of charged energy crystals which will help to cleanse your auras of any excess energy and help to align and open your chakras. Finally we will end the night with a light refreshment of infused water and a vegan snack.

*A certified aromatherapist will be on hand and a cold-pressed organic essential oil blend will be used guide you into a deeper state of meditation and relaxation.

*Astrological readings will be offered on site for those that would like to receive individual celestial guidanice for the months ahead.

Each attendee will receive a gift as a offering of gratitude for attending this event. Early bird special is $25 up to a week prior to the event (Aug 17th deadline). Regular price is $30. On-site donations are also welcomed and accepted.

Tickets can be purchased from the link below. Space is limited.

This event is co-sponosred by Travel2change and Arts at Marks Garage.