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Travel2Change Hosts Yoga & Healing with Awa

Please join us in a evening of yoga and healing. This past months has brought with it many global changes as well as personal changes and challenges as well. With the passing of the mercury in retrograde and the moon moving into Leo, there has been opportunities for us to grow and evolve.

Let us take this evening to reconnect with the vital life force that resides within. In the hawaiian culture, this vital-life force is referred to as "mana". Tonight's event will be dedicated to nurturing this "mana" inside of us. We will create a space for you which will allow you to feel safe and to release all the excess energy that limits our true potentiality.

Your night will begin with a guided astrological discussion through the eastern approach of horoscope and the focus will be on discussing our relationship with the universal energy of chi and the zodiac signs we are born under. Ths year is referred to as the "Year of the Fire Rooster" and you will receive insight as to how best to create a harmonious relationship with it.

Following the astrology session, we will begin the yoga practice which will once again bring into focus the union of body, mind and spirit. There will be a deeper emphasis on opening up the hips and chest which will allow for a more balanced flow of the "mana" throughout the body.

As you relax in yoga nidra (savasana), a gong meditation offering will be provided which will awaken and open all seven chakras of the spiritual body and allow for deeper release of the heart center and attune to the light within.

To aid in your relaxation and healing a native hawaiian medicinal root known as "awa" will be offered. It will be prepared on site, blessed and served to you. It is known for its sacred ritual uses and has deep spiritual significance as well.

*A portion of the event proceeds will go towards supporting Helping Hands Hawaii which is a local non profit which helps the disadvantaged population and those in need.

*Travel2change has graciously donated their event slot to support the hosting of the event and they are a local non-profit 501(c)(3) which provides opportunities for travelers to leave a lasting, positive impact in the local communities of Hawaii and supports other local nonprofits by connecting them with travelers to support their cause.