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body electric 2.1

electroV-may2018-flyer - Peiling Kao.jpg

electroViolet is the performance duo of Peiling Kao (movement) and Gretchen Jude (sound). They enter unfamiliar territories through improvisation, collaborating on equal footing to find synchronicity without dictating or directing, and to explore the abstract and poetic in movement and sound. The duo made their Hawaii debut at the Oahu Fringe Festival in January 2017 and received positive feedback: I really liked the 'musical tapestry, soundscapes, aural textures.' I especially liked the fact that they were not overwhelming, not aggressive. I had room to listen, not defend, which happens (with me) in some electronica."--Jeff Gere, artist, master storyteller, and puppeteer based in Hawaii. "You were both phenomenal as well as political in a way we like"--Richard C. Rath, Associate Professor of History, University of Hawaii at Manoa. This year, guest artist CAPTAIN RANDOM will join electroViolet for two evenings of movement and sound improvisation.