Hawaii Watercolor Society Member's Show
April 3 - 28

FREE & Open to ALL Ages

This April, Hawai'i Watercolor Society will be sponsoring internationally acclaimed artist Tom Hoffman in a four day en plein air workshop. Although the workshop is full, HWS is excited to announce that Tom will be doing a live demo on Sunday April 8th at the Arts at Mark Garage starting at 1 p.m. The public is welcome to come and witness this master at work. In addition, Hawai'i Watercolor Society's Members' Show 2018 awards/opening will be held on First Friday, April 6th at The Arts at Marks Garage beginning at 6 p.m. The exhibiting artists will be present and look forward to welcoming you to this annual event. The Members' Show will remain open from April 3rd to April 28th

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Dot I Line I Color - 12th Annual MAMo Awardees Art Exhibition
May 1 - 27

FREE & Open to ALL Ages

Dot | Line | Color features MAMo 2018 Awardees Charlie Dickson and Verna Apio-Takashima. Curated by Ngahiraka Mason, the exhibition celebrates contemporary art through Hawaiian kapa and European painting. The art making process is central to the artists who exemplify the use of dot, line and color, the building blocks of all art.

Takashimaʻs decorated bark cloth made of wauke (paper mulberry; broussonetia papyrifera) comprises layers of beaten watermarked cloth. The upper layer is stamped with ‘ohe kapala (bamboo stamps) and is hand painted with color derived from traditional earth and plant dyes. Takashimaʻs contemporary patterns are a celebration of line, geometry, and circles balanced with natural dye colors.

Dickson has a 25 year plus exhibition history in Hawaii. Working in acrylic paint, he has developed a Pacific ʻoutsiderʻ painting style that is optimistic in form and intention. His painting is part of an art historical genre of Indigenous Modernism that on one-hand responds to Modern European art movements such as Abstract Expressionism, yet is its own story located here in Hawaiʻi.

More than the sum of Primitivism, Dicksonʻs painting style navigates abstraction, the figurative, texture, line, and color that examine internal and external worlds.

Ngahiraka Mason

The Arts at Marks Garage is proud and honored to have PAʻI Foundation as a partner and host for this annual exhibition in continuing to proliferate native Hawaiian culture and art in our community.