Honolulu Biennial Visual Installation by Mohammad Kazem
March - April

Hailing from The United Arab Emirates, pioneering conceptual artist, Mohammed Kazem uses overlooked remnants of the everyday to measure and navigate global transformations. Kazem is one of the participating artists at the Honolulu Biennial with an installation hosted at ARTS at Marks Garage for the next 2 months. Often using or representing his own body in drawings, performances, and photographs, Kazem employs geographical markers as a way to locate his own subjectivity in relation to the rapid modernization and development of his homeland, the United Arab Emirates.


Witness | From Shadows
April 4-15


Artists Nanci Amaka and Lala Openi make work that echoes the human experience and moves beyond object production into the realm of investigative self-awareness. By exploring vulnerability and trauma, they create a space for introspection and healing.
Witness is a reincarnation of the ongoing Scar Stories Series by artist Nanci Amaka. This work is an active collection of varying memories of painful experiences. Mono prints, sculptures, and participants’ hand written memories are juxtaposed with sound pieces, and previous performance documentations. On Friday April 7th, the artist will hold a performance where the audience will be able to include their own stories of acquiring scars to the collection.
From Shadows is a series of paintings and internal dialogue documenting artist Lala Openi’s journey through shadow work over a period of 7 months. Mixed media large scale paintings are accompanied by personal journal entries, notes on dealing with disappointment, affirmations, love letters, and doodles which have all played an integral part in the process of the artist’s healing through shadow work.


Earth Day Tribute Pop Up Exhibit
The 6th Great Extinction

April 18-29

Ava Fedorov, artist in resident at the Honolulu Museum of Art, explores art space as a safe place to encourage dialogue around social, environmental and extinction issues facilitated through performances, film, music and engaging experiences.