Dinner Party at Marks Garage
August 30 - October 1, 2016

Dinner Party explores the theme of social eating as interpreted by ten locally-based artists. Join us for this gastro-inspired group exhibition and read more about some of the artists below!

Daven Hee sits at the head of the table as the mastermind behind "Dinner Party".  He's currently working on a dinner set for 4.  

"For me, sitting down to a meal was a time to reflect and be with the family.  No matter what was going on outside of the meal you had to sit down, be together, and eat."
Daven has exhibited both nationally and internationally, with work in the permanent collections of: the National Institute for the Arts, the Australian National University, and the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts.  Check him out

With only a shoestring budget and some spare drill bits, Calvin Lac can conjure up a chandelier to illuminate even the darkest place settings. We catch the mechanical wizard here, blowing some plates in preparation for "Dinner Party".

"It doesn't even matter what's at the table...  For me, eating socially is that time you get to decompress at the end of the night with your friends."  

Calvin's mixed media work utilizes both intimate design and kinetic elements.  He's currently a teaching assistant at Punahou School in their Glass and Jewelry programs.  Follow him on instagram as @i_lac_it_like_dat and stay tuned to meet more of the artists!