Collage Massage
October 4 - 29, 2016

Jeff Gere’s inventive photo collages will be displayed during the month of October.  The gallery show will kick-off on First Friday, October 7th, with an opportunity to meet Mr. Gere, who will also perform shadow puppet shows at 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 PM.
Jeff was the Drama Specialist for the City of Honolulu’s Parks Department, and has hosted and performed in the annual Talk Story Festival for 26 years.

"Solo shows are extremely rare at Marks" says Rich Richardson, Executive Director of the ARTS at Marks Garage, "but Mr. Gere has recently retired and if you know him, you also know that he has a lot of tales to tell, and has always been willing to share with our community. We thought it might be a nice tribute to see what he has to say!"

“I’m known in town for performing and producing storytelling. I also tell tales with shadow puppets. The root of both: I love to play with images.” Says Gere.  “For decades, a few times a year, I occupy a bedroom, lay out magazine images, and compose ‘freestyle’, letting random pictures coalesce in curious ways. I spent 4 months in that bedroom JUST playing with black & white images! It’s been tremendously productive having time to let images unfold. Fascinating! Troubling! It is my aerobics for the imagination, a dialogue with the Deep Ocean of Mind. They’re snapshots from Wonderland, Vogue Surrealism, psychic landscapes, pattern poem puzzles… what does it mean?”
You can find more information about Jeff Gere at