SymbioSEASConnecting Science, Education, Art, and Society through Coral Reefs
March 1- 30

SymbioSEAS represents a group of 40+ scientists and artists who have worked together over the past year to bring global awareness to the health & rehabilitation of our oceans and coral reef through cultivation of a gallery that showcases coral ecosystems research through various 2-D and 3-D mediums. SymbioSEAS is being held in honor of Dr. Ruth Gates and is partially funded by the Rafe Sagarin Fund for Innovative Ecology.

A variety of public programs will accompany the gallery, including science and art workshops, community dinners, film screenings, and more.

Join us for the SymbioSEAS gallery opening! First Friday festivities will include a docent tour of the gallery and live musical performances.
Cost: Free and open to the public
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Explore the vibrant colors of alcohol ink while creating sea creatures. Artist Jenny Floro will teach you how to manipulate this fluid medium and create one of a kind sea life.
Cost: $45
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Eat, mingle, and imbibe with us as Hawai‘i FEAST & Nerd Night Honolulu team up to host a community dinner & fundraiser to support SymbioSEAS. While attendees enjoy dinner catered by Local Iʻa, artists and scientists will share their experiences on banding together to cultivate SymbioSEAS through unusual duo of cutting edge research and creative expression.

Cost: $25 (dinner included); $10 (dinner not included)
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Allow yourself to be submerged in our oceans and interact with local actors and dancers during the world premiere of “Guzzle” by Kiki Rivera. Guzzle is a one-of-kind performance that uses movement and drama to portray modern consumerism through the eyes of “creature." Choreographed by Harmony Tesoro and directed by Tina Uyeno. 

Cost: $10 (presale); $15 (at the door)
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Attention educators of all types! This workshop will focus on bridging science and art together to explore, draw, color, and learn about amazing plankton! You will learn to observe plankton under microscopes, illustrate what you see, and use Little Bits components to build simple light sensors for detecting plankton.

Suggested Donation: $10
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Attend the SymbioSEAS closing party! In honor of Dr. Ruth Gates, the evening will include a screening of the Emmy-winning documentary "Chasing Coral." A panel discussion will follow the film screening. Light pupus will be provided.
Cost: $10
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SymbioSEAS is a collaborative effort between Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology scientists, local artists, and other community organizers. Developing this gallery has been a year-long effort, built on the tireless effort of the team's volunteers.

We are calling out to friends, family, and supporters of science and art in our community to donate to and support SymbioSEAS. Donations will allow the gallery to provide these meaningful public programs, and ensure artists and organizers are compensated for their time. 

How you can help: Visit the SymbioSEAS Go Fund Me Page and donate - any amount helps immensely! Thank you in advance for your support.